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What People Are Saying:

If you have challenges with food, weight, and yo-yo dieting, this book is for you! Your Personal Journey with Food is thought-provoking, challenges you to look deep within yourself, understand your behavior regarding food, and how to undo unhealthy attachments. Tracy and Ingrid are such amazing health coaches. It literally feels like they are right there with you, personally coaching you! Your Personal Journey with Food helps you; *Examine all aspects of life that are contributing factors to how you are living and want to live your life. *How those factors are affecting your overall health, and how to make small changes to improve. *Slow down and be mindful, eat with intention, and pay attention to what is happening in your body. Your Personal Journey with Food gives you; This book gives you the tools to: *Set yourself up for success daily and deal with challenges or situations. *Guidance on other foundational aspects such as exercise, daily water intake, sleep, stress management, and how to be healthy mentally and physically. *The authors are fantastic in their delivery of how to navigate delicate issues and how to have more self-respect. I love that there are spaces to make notes, write thoughts, and answer questions while working through the journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand their relationships with food, understand their behavior with food, and make a change in their lives for the better.

Dr. Teresa Richter

“Your Personal Journey With Food is a great read! It’s full of details backed by science while being paired with simple and straightforward nutritional solutions for its readers. There are specific inventories and steps that the reader can take to improve overall health and make strides towards nutritional goals. The authors are passionate people and well-respected professionals in the industry! I highly recommend this book, whether you are a newbie or seasoned in your nutritional journey. It’s very user-friendly for those who are new and has plenty of tools for those who have been on the path a bit longer.”–Shaweta “Shay” Vasudeva, CNT, CPT-CES, MA, & Goju Black Belt, ShayTheCoach–Speaker, Teacher, Author

Shaweta “Shay” Vasudeva

“This is not a diet book! It is a roadmap to a healthy lifestyle. Take the trip with the authors as your guide, and you will be rewarded with the health and body you have only dreamed of. Here, in one book, is the knowledge it has taken me a lifetime to learn.”–Sunny Griffin, Super Model & Actress

Sunny Griffin

“There are so many people who suffer from eating disorders and obesity. Tracy and Ingrid have done a great job walking the reader along a personal journey to understanding their relationship with food, which is key to successful weight management. With all the potential health risks being obese presents, I absolutely see a need for this book." - Jenifer Bunge, Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

Jenifer Bunge

"Tracy and Ingrid, thank you for opening your hearts in this book. Tracy and Ingrid are so eloquent and complement each other through the entire book. I am inspired to wake up and do better. To look in the mirror and be honest with me. The wisdom and love are not only expressed but felt with each word read. I thought I was a Master at making mindful choices, but Ingrid and Tracy invited me to see past my fears and look in the rearview mirror. Bringing forward old wounds with food, I had forgotten I had and needed to heal from. This is a step by step guide, an invitation to take your control back, to relearn the basics and beyond. I love the integration of whole-body wellness. Seeing the entire body-mind-spirit aspects and anchoring them into everyday choices. Beautiful, inspiring work. I am ready to create a love for food and my body again. Thank you." - Chastity Kribble - Author, LMT, Multi-Dimensional Healer

Chastity Kribble

“This book is one of a kind! I’ve been working with health and nutrition the past 20 years but this book gave me so much insight and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. This book REALLY covers all you need to know on HOW everything is connected and affecting your overall health and Well-being. This book will truly take you on your own personal journey, like no other book you’ve ever read!” Elin Vintereidet, B.S.E (CS), Health and Wellness Coach

Elin Vintereidet

"I didn't know much about the lymphatic system until cancerous cells were found in my lymph nodes. Talk about not knowing what you have until it's gone! With 14 lymph nodes removed with the mastectomy, I am much more familiar with the support my lymphatic system needs from me. I wish I had this book at that point. Ingrid and Tracy have given you a chance to look at your body in terms of the support, the love, care, and attention it needs so you can appreciate it. "Your Personal Journey with Food" is full of important information, solid tips, and straight-up advice all broken down so we can move beyond frustration and embark on a journey with clarity." Mrs. J. Nadia Headley BS MA Lead Consultant Twenty-One Fourteen Consultancy Services

J. Nadia-Headly

“Yet again, Tracy & Ingrid hit it out of the park!!! Another homerun! If you ever doubt if this book is right for you, or if Tracy or Ingrid are the right people to support you with your relationship with food, let me say this: GET THIS BOOK BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF! You may think: “Yet another ‘losing weight’ book in the already large library of weight management?” Well, let me tell you, this one is different. Different in the sense that Tracy and Ingrid are only mentioning “the outcome” while powerfully dealing with “the cause” of being overweight and having a troubling relationship with food. Because let’s face it, being overweight is a result of a deeper issue that almost never is about the food itself but has everything to do with THE RELATIONSHIP you have with food. In this book, Tracy and Ingrid present you with powerful exercises. These exercises will, when you do them, change your entire relationship with food and your body. So, let me reiterate the “when you do them” part. Because all too often, we skip over that and then say it didn’t work. This book was written for you. Change your relationship with food, your body and your mind, and your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. To your health and happiness,” Jacob Melaard. Life and Relationship Coach, Master NLP practitioner, Strategic Intervention Coach

Jacob Melaard

"The name of this book is spot on! Your Personal Journey with Food is full of helpful, straightforward tips and methods to assist in identifying, facilitating, and ultimately creating accountability without being too rigid. The authors have put in the work and it shows! This beautiful book is going to be hugely helpful to so many people as it makes its way into the hearts and hands of many.” Brenda Baker Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Author of Oddly Colorful and Tendra the Turkey

Brenda Baker

"I loved this book by Ingrid Lauw and Tracy Schroeder-Cromwell. The approach to Your Personal journey with food by Ingrid and Tracy feels non-judgmental and full of joy. The holistic approach and road maps, journals, and exercises create an easy step by step total health plan." Karen Rae Owner and Founder of Fave Lifestyles

Karen Rae

"A thoughtful, precise, and very personal book, "Your Personal Journey With Food" is jam-packed with value for any person wanting to understand themselves and their relationship with their own body. I love how interactive it is; it's really like having your own personal health coach in your own two hands!" Lisa Ann Williams, M.A. CEO of StoryShift

Lisa Ann Williams

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